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Publish on 01-13-2020


Ian Hatfield
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  • Length:
    5.9 mtr
  • Beam:
    2.3 mtr
$ 42,800


Decent, trailerable work cats are impossible to find used and new build costs can be daunting. Thats why we are very excited with this reange of new build work cats built with self draining deck with 8 x scuppers, 2 at the rear and 3 down either side. 
Complete hull (as described below) is priced from AUD$42,800 Plus Duty/GST if applicable

New build Catamaran Work Boat Punts are available in three models:
5.9 mtr with a 2.4 metre beam - AUD$42,800 Plus Duty/GST if applicable (For complete hull)
7.4 mtr with a 2.4 metre beam - AUD$53,600 Plus Duty/GST if applicable (For complete hull)
7.4 Mtr with a 3.0 metre beam - AUD$55,600 Plus Duty/GST if applicable (For complete hull)
Built with a true heavy-duty Marine Grade Plate Aluminium, with double floor and 100 x 50 RHS internal floor structure. All floors are pressure tested in the factory to. 20 bar. Bottom and Side Plate is 5mm with the Main Deck and Forward Deck, slot welded 4mm plate. They come with heavy duty, bollards, toe holds, grab rails, boarding ladder, covers for the bilge pumps, fuel tank, lifting lugs and console, you need only add the engins of your choice.

All coatings are Marine Grade PU, inside is White and the outside colour is your choice. These are Production Boats with stock normally always ready in the factory, on the water or in Australian holding yard in Brisbane

Catamaran work boats have plans approved to AMSA Survey D if you want to put them into Survey, and come with "CE Approval" Module B Category D so they can be used as work boats under Self Declaration Form 579 with AMSA, no survey inspection required, less headaches with inspections and costly Surveyors fees

Construction Material: 4/5mm Marine Grade 5083 H116 Aluminium
Length OA: 5.90 meters
Width OA: 2.30 meters
Height OA: 1.20 meters
Forward section fitted with bump fender
Gunwale Tie Down Rail: Full length
Deck Toe Hold: Full Length
Floor structure is double plate fully welded with 100x50 RHS longitudinals & cross bracing
120lt aluminium fuel tank fitted into transom behind seat
Lifting lugs fitted x 4
Forward bow storage with hatches
Navigation Lights: Forward
Deck is aluminium plate 4mm coated with non-slip rubber membrane
Approval 1: Survey AMSA - Domestic Commercial Vessel
Approval 2: CE Module B Category D
Outboards: Maximum 200hp (not included)
Colour -TBA Client's choice, single colour
Batteries: Twin with high amperage isolator switch
Warranty: Structural 5 years - Fittings 12 Months

Additional Fittings
Side Fenders - Top Full Length: $740.00
Side Fenders - Bottom Full Length: $740.00
Side Seating - Both Sides: $1,950.00
Enclosed Sides: $2,670.00 (Extra Load Carrying Capacity)
Side Console: $980.00
Cable Steering + Wheel: $780.00
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering + Wheel: $1,880.00
Stainless Steel Tie Bar: $550.00 (for twin motor installation)
High pressure deck wash and hose: $380.00
Gunwale Grab Rail - Both sides: $1,270.00
Motor Guard with D Fender - $2,450.00
Ant-foul Hull and Sides 300mm - $880.00

Canopy sizes available, choose from:
Canopy 1.50 x 2.30: $850.00
Canopy 3.00 x 2.30: $1,270.00
Canopy 4.00 x 2.30: $1,560.00
Canopy 5.00 x 2.30: $1,750.00
Canopy 6.00 x 2.30: $1,980.00