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Published on 09-03-2020
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Ian Hatfield
0411 724 044

  • Condition:
  • Country:
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  • Survey:
  • Material:
    HDPE or Aluminum
  • Length:
    8.5 mtr
  • Beam:
    3.1 mtr
Expression of Interest


Many fire departments around the country have a need for small or medium sized fire boats, rescue boats, or a combination of the two to deal with emergencies on rivers, bays, lakes, or other bodies of water in their protection districts. This is a specifically designed fire and rescue vessel and this new build features a proven stepped hull with large vents and an optional Z Bow.

Standard Stepped Hull:
Stepped hulls are not uncommon in this market place, however, they are often over simplified and as a result can cause in increase in drag at slow to moderate cruising speeds. Stepped hulls work by distributing the lift required to get a boat on the plane away from just the transom but to an area in front of each step as well. In order to do this air has to be able to get behind each of the steps or a vacuum will form effectively sucking the boat down onto the water and increasing it’s drag. On race boats or other high-speed vessel’s this is not a problem as the vessel is often close to airborne and as a result air can get behind the steps. On a passenger boat that spends much of its time at reduced “cruising speeds” this is not the case. By incorporating oversize vents in the side of the vessel at each step these stepped hulls are able to get air behind the steps even when operating in displacement mode. Thus resulting in more efficiency across a range of speeds.
Optional Z Bow:
The disinctive "Z-Bow" is designed for wave piercing to reduce vertical accelerations and to give early gaining of buoyancy when the bow dips in a following sea.(which also adds to crew and passenger comfort) Our builder has been fitting Z Bows for more than 15 years adn we would strongly recommend adding this option. The advantages are extended waterline length improves stabilty, increased hull volume forward reduces the likelyhood of 'broaching' and the Z geometry allows extention to act as a 'wave piecing' bow reducing slamming at high speeds.

LOA: 8.5 mtr
Measured Length: 8 mtr 
Beam: 3.1 mtr with beltings
Draft: .045m lightship
Displacment: 3,420kg
Payload: 1500kg
Service speed: 30 knots
Engines: 2 x 175hp
Survey: 2D (2 + 8)
Tankage: 2 x 300 ltr
Floatation: Level

Fire Monitor
Darley HE500 GMC Marine Single Stage Centrifugal
500 gpm (1893 L/M) @ 150 psi (10.3 bar)

Build times vary depending on workshop availabilty. Please call to discuss your brief.