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General Safety Duties Fact Sheet AMSA 678 
[PDF Icon PDF: 247Kb]
Parent-Tender Vessel Operations (also known as 'dory operations' Fact Sheet AMSA 684 
[PDF Icon PDF: 328Kb]

Sailing clubs delivering recreational sail training and related commercial activities

Guidance Notice

AMSA 662 
[PDF Icon PDF: 186Kb]

Guidance Notice on Safety Management Systems Guidance Notice AMSA 590 
[PDF Icon PDF: 302Kb]
Safety Management Systems Fact Sheet AMSA 675 
[PDF Icon PDF: 253Kb]
Sailing Clubs Undertaking Domestic Commercial Vessel Operations Fact Sheet AMSA 685 
[PDF Icon PDF: 299Kb]

Certificate of Operation

Fact Sheet

AMSA 544 
[PDF Icon PDF: 261Kb]

Towing Operations Guidance Notice AMSA 825 
[PDF Icon PDF: 712Kb]

Aerial Freestyle Devices

Guidance Notice

AMSA 589 
[PDF Icon PDF: 621Kb]