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National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety Fact Sheet AMSA 672
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Spent Convictions

Guidance Notice

AMSA 826 
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Carriage of Harmful Substances in Packaged Form on Domestic Commercial Vessels

Guidance Notice

AMSA 900 
[PDF Icon PDF: 196Kb]

Boat-share and Community Group (Club) Arrangements and the National Law

Guidance Notice

AMSA 585 
[PDF Icon PDF: 499Kb]

Marine Orders and the National Law

Guidance Notice

AMSA 592 
[PDF Icon PDF: 526Kb]

The Meaning of Owner in the National Law Guidance Notice AMSA 644 
[PDF Icon PDF: 267Kb]
Applicable standards and requirements for vessels under the National System Guidance Notice AMSA 570 
[PDF Icon PDF: 154Kb]
  International delivery of domestic commercial vessels and near coastal vessels operating overseas Marine Notice 2016/10
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