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Information on transferring ownership of an Australian General Register vessel is located on the AMSA website here.
If you require further information please contact AMSA shipping registration office on 1800 624 484.

In relation to the domestic vessel process, see below:

If you sell a domestic commercial vessel, you must notify AMSA within 14 days.
You can notify AMSA of the sale by completing and submitting AMSA 758 form.
Please include details of the purchaser.

The new operator of the vessel will need to complete:

AMSA 1780 to transfer certificate of survey or non-survey permit.
Proof of purchase such as a bill of sale should be attached to application form 1780.
There is no fee associated with form AMSA 1780.

A certificate of operation cannot be transferred.

The new operators will need to apply for a new certificate of operation using form AMSA 504.
The fee associated with form AMSA 504 is $200.
A certificate of operation is valid for 5 years from issue date, it is required to be renewed after expiry.

I recommend reading the information contained on the following webpage  ‘Transfer of a certificate for a domestic commercial vessel’ for further information.