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Vessel Transport

We recently had this 18m GRP Catamaran, hull only and an incomplete vessel, for sale by a builder who's client had gone 'belly up' and stopped paying. We had a client from Melbourne wanting to purchase and complete her himself, the only problem was 'how to get it From Fremantle WA to Melbourne Vic'? It was just way to high for any truck transport and the costs were blowing out with all the extra's needed to get it under wires, bridges etc.

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The solution came from our long time associate Peter Devereaux from Devtrans . (Peter can be contacted on 08 9258 5144) Peter suggested we cut the vessel in half lengthways and truck the vessel in two pieces .. Initial laughs gave way to "you know, that's doable" Rick Matson from Legend boat Builders got his staff to expertly slice basically the whole top off and these two parts loaded onto two trucks and were sent 3,500 kilometres without incident. The vessel arrived in Melbourne and was reassembled and is now well on her way to being completed.