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Whale Watch crew tranfer vessel

First off the production line in this series of z-bow transfer ferries, this vessel is an absolute winner! This alumium cat has a nine metre sponson length but is 10 metre over all. It took 6 months to build and this one is powered by twin 250hp Suzuki's and can be optioned up with bigger engines if required. Seatrials confirmed the architects projections of 35 knots top and cruise at 25 knots. She is vessel unique in both concept and design, offering a smaller, wider vessel (beam is 3.8 metre) capable of carrying a 25 passengers which is a lot more than any other vessel this size. She also boasts a proper change room - toilet, not just a small toilet cubicle.
She is ideally suited for operators wanting a whale watch vessel that will take their clients out and back with decent speeds and then offer a stable viewing platform for the clients to enjoy the view and cruise slowly without scaring the whales. Fuel efficiency, skipped by a coxwain and maximum carrying capacity leads to much lower operating costs and more profit on your bottom line.
Equally, she is being eyed as a crew boat for the same reasons. High speed, maximum passengers with change room toilet and very stable. Bow, side and stern loading are all options. For those wanting a dive, snorkel or fishing charter, this vessel is highly adaptable and very capable. For dive and snorkel operations, you can option up with a drop down bow with steps and rails for easy entry and exit for your clients to and from the water. 
Lead times for building is usually 6 months. All vessels fully compliant and are delivered in NSCV (AMSA) 1C survey. Generally, a build cost of $350k will see you on the water, turn key and ready to go. 
This vessel is the baby of the range: 
Length - 9 metre (10 metre overall)
Beam - 3.8 metre 
Power - twin 250hp ouboards (or engine size of your choice)
Passengers - 25 plus 1 crew
The next size up is:
Length - 10.5 metre (11.5 metre overall)
Beam - 4.5 metre
Power - twin 350hp to 400hp outboards
Passengers - 35 plus
And the big boy of our range:
Length - 12 metre (overall 13 metre)
Beam - two available on this vessel. 4.5 metre is powered by twin outboards and 5.5 metre is powered by four outboards.
Power - four x 250hp - 300hp or 350hp
Passengers - 50 plus
For further information, ordering details and build times etc please contact Ian Hatfield on 0411 724 044 or international +61 411 724 044