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G Cat Carries 50

249 R009Ferry

In a world driven by operating costs we are always looking at how we can provide more but cost us less to build and operate. Bigger and better 'bang for your buck'! Our naval Architect has designed this multi purpose vessel as a Z bow to achieve a fine water line entry, maximise water line length and at the same time optimise sea keeping capabilities. His unique design has provided an ideal vessel capable of carrying 50+ passengers whilst being skippered by a Coxswain.
How Does This Work?
Clever design has this Z-Bow with an overall length of 14.17 metres with a waterline length of 12.13 metres but the kicker is she acutally has a surveyed length of 11.97 metres, allowing for her to be skippered by a Coxswain! So, you have actually have a 14 mtr vessel whereby your operating cost are kept low with an affordadable Coxswain to skipper and at the same time maximising your carrying capacity whilst maintaining high speed without compromising safety.
Very clever Commercial Boat Design which you can now take advantage of.

Offering loading from front (beach if you like) stern and both sides, makes her ideal for all applications. With power by your choice of two or four outboards, this vessel can achieve a loaded cruise of more than 30knots, maximising your outlay for the most efficient result. There is plenty of storage forward for passenger baggage or equipment, a single toilet (can easily provide two toilets if required) 

50 pax Ferry GA

Fast FerryCrew BoatCharter Boat 
With a 50 passenger carrying capacity and 22 knot loaded cruising speed, Bow, Stern and both side entry, survey for 30nm 
offshore, this vessel is an ideal candidate for resorts, both large and small operators of tourism related industries.

Work Boat Dive Boat - Support Vessel - Wind Farm Crew and Support
Multiple configuation allow this vessel great access into many markets. For diving, both commercial and charter, replace the seating with suitable tank racks. The bow ramp privides easy water access for your divers. As a support vessel and wind farm crew and support, the combination of seating and deck space makes for a very functional and desireable vessel with many capabilites. Transfer black water back to shore for disposal and deliver crew and gear on time with speed and awesome handling.
Vessel Specs:
The vessel will achieve a 1C survey (30nm offshore in Australia) for 50 passengers and up to 8 crew and bow ramp can be made suitable for wheelchair access. She can also be fitted with large HDPE tanks to transport black water. These tanks can be replaced with storage, catch tanks, extra fuel. In addition the vessel had an airdraft of less than 4.5 metres.

LOA:           14.17 Metres                  DRAFT: 0.3 to 0.6 Metres                    Fuel: 2,000 to 4,000 Litre option
LWL:           12.13 Metres                  DEPTH: 1.31 Metres                            Water: 200 Litres
BEAM:          5.49 Metres                  Sullage: Up to 8,000 Litres

The vessel is provided with a stability book demonstrating compliance with the requirements of the NSCV Code Part 6A Chapter 5A or 5B.
The vessel is designed to meet Lloyds SSC rules service area G3

All aluminium plate material in structural applications is 5083-H116/H321.
5005-H34 aluminium sheet is used for internal non-structural applications.
All aluminium extruded material is:

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